Simajo - The Travel Mystery Game

Simajo - The Travel Mystery Game

Hidden Object Games that involves some elements of puzzle solving
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Simajo - The Travel Mystery Game developed by Gestalt Games is an excellent choice for all those who enjoy solving puzzles, rolling the dice, finding hidden objects. It includes several games and it implies answering general knowledge questions as well.

You find yourself trapped in a mysterious box and in order to get out you need to solve puzzles, to match similar pieces, to find the differences between images, to answer questions, to find hidden objects, or to roll the dice in order to get to a new challenge, which would bring you closer to freedom. All the way you are assisted by the guide who gives you hints that help you solve the mysteries.

A very strong point is the fact that it is not monotonous, but also not intuitive. You have no idea what type of challenge comes next.

The game is user-friendly, high-quality performance is provided both from audio and video points of view. The game can be downloaded without further add-ons, pop-ups or malicious software which might affect your computer. It's worth giving it a try and see for yourselves that playing Simajo can be a nice way to spend quality time with your family in front of the computer.

Jessie Hodgson
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  • Includes several games
  • User-friendly
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